Do the templates work on other Content Management Systems?

No. All our templates are built within Adobe Business Catalyst and require the platform to function.

Do you design and develop the templates?

Yes. All templates are designed and developed in house. The support staff are also developers.

We do not purchase extended licenses from template marketplaces and resell them here at BCTemple.

If you have any queries about our templates, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Do you make templates for other platforms?

No. We only build templates for Adobe Business Catalyst.

What is Adobe Business Catalyst

Adobe Business Catalyst is an all-in-one content management system perfect for managing your business online. Get in touch for more information.


I'm a BC Partner, how do I get a template?

When you purchase a template you will receive an instant notification allowing you to download files relevant to the template you purchased. We will be in contact within 24 hours to assist the migration to your Partner Portal. Adobe say it can take from 48-72 hours (during a working week) to move the template to your Partner Portal.

If you're not a BC Partner then you will need to get in touch before you purchase a template.

What's with the different prices?

There are two prices; standalone license and temple membership.

Which Data Centre will my template end up?

That's up to you. Simply select which Data Centre you would like your template transferred to when you are adding a template to the shopping cart.

Business Catalyst does have plans to develop functionality that will allow templates to be transferred across data centres, but that is not currently available. In order to utilise a template on a different data centre, you'll need to re-build the template on the new data centre or purchase a new license of that template and have it transferred to the new data centre.

Which payment types do you accept?

We take all major Credit Cards, prices are in Australia dollars.


Are templates cross-browser compatible?

Yes. We do our best to keep up with the latest browsers and so all our templates are cross-browser compatible (Yes, even IE).

What does the template come with?

All templates come installed, we'll replicate a copy of the template and transfer it to your Partner Portal for you to edit as you please.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript and BC functionalities will work the same as the demo version but without most of the content.

If you login to your account you will be able to see a download link for each template you purchase - these include PSD files, a full backup of the template and documentation.


Can I use the same template for multiple clients?

Yes. Each template assigned to your Partner Portal may be used for as many client sites as you wish. However you are not allowed to use the templates in your OBB or mark them as public templates. Check the license page for more details.

What are the licensing options?

Currently, we only offer one type of license, which allows you to replicate a template to be used for more than one website instance.

We do regular checks to make sure Partners are abiding by these licenses.

What are the licensing restrictions?

We do not allow the following activities with purchased template licenses:

  • Although we allow and encourage you to sell these template solutions to your customers, we do not allow ANY public resale or re-purpose of these templates, code, design, etc under any circumstance. This includes, but is not limited to, partner websites, online business builder, 30 day free trial, etc.
  • We do not allow templates to be made publicly available via your partner portal online business builder, without BCTemple's approval.
  • We do not allow any direct selling, in any public or private way, to the Business Catalyst partner community, prospects, etc.

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